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Cinematic Tools
VOLC Cinematics™ is an engineering company specializing in tools for alternative filmmakers. Our flagship product is the Neon Ultra™ suite; parametric CAD software for post-Hollywood new-wave filmmakers. Neon Ultra™ outputs to standard CAD formats for CNC-machining or 3D printing. The Neon Ultra™ suite teaches itself to you, as you use it. Our documentation is the best in the industry. No more online docs; just reliable, paper manuals.

Anamorphic Optics
VOLC Cinematics™ are renowned leaders of the anamorphic revival. Our engineering team works feverishly to retrofit classic anamorphic-lenses to the camera-systems of modern alternative-filmmakers. We understand that cinema is founded in stylistic-traditions. Some of these traditions were in danger of being lost. Part of our mission at VOLC Cinematics™ is supplying a new-wave of alt-filmmakers with top-quality anamorphic rigs.

Movie Hardware
At VOLC Cinematics™ we build custom camera hardware for new-wave alternative-filmmakers. We are cinematographers ourselves and we are skilled at building affordable digital-camera rigs that shoot a classic picture style. We know that you are bored of the clinical-look of modern sensors. Instead, you love the 35mm film-look of the 1980s and want a simple digital-pathway there. Anamorphic flares, grain and wide-lattitudes, we got it all!
VOLC Cinematics™

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