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Out Run - 1986

Out Run Art
Phoenix recently had the opportunity to spend several hours playing the original Out Run coin-op video-arcade game from 1986. Expecting to experience a wave of nostalgia, followed by disappointment as the novelty wore off, instead Phoenix rediscovers a masterpiece which poses some serious questions.

Poland's Brutalist Treasures

Brutalist Treasures
Poland is rich in beautiful 'brutalist' architecture which recalls the golden-age of 70s and 80s science-fiction. These buildings would not look out of place in Alien (1979), Star Wars (1977), or Blade Runner (1982). Who built these masterpieces, and why have so many of them fallen into disrepair?

The Cloud Pyramids

The Cloud Pyramids
Why did Walter Chrysler and other wealthy industrialists build towers that, at their highest points, look extraordinarily like Egyptian pyramids, or Incan temples? Why not invent a new style? Why not pay more attention to the middle floors? Phoenix Kaspian's investigation exposes all.

The Space Racist

The Space Racist
A person who views the world divided into 'bourgeoisie' and 'proletariat' is undeniably a 'communist'. A person who views the world divided into 'black' and 'white' people is equally a 'racist'. Let's take a look at the architecture of division, and how it is designed to be logically inescapable.

Wh o killed Steve Jobs?

The Execution of Steve
Sometimes Phoenix is asked how he would describe his collaboration with Steve Jobs (pictured above). Steve was amusing, intelligent, and cryptic. Steve's personal connection to Phoenix's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland leads back to 1972, when Steve worked as 'The Mad Hatter', entertaining children.

Deceptive Degrees

Degrees of Deceit
If you've ever wondered why the corporate media is so corrupt, then take a look at student newspapers. This is where many of our 'greatest journalists' are forged. Phoenix began his journalism career as News Editor of Exeposé which, he soon discovered, was a mouthpiece of Exeter University.

Speaking Out

What We Forgot
Phoenix and Aria are survivors of childhood sexual abuse by the British Crown and their affiliates. In the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and the discovery of child-rape islands where 'royalty' and the 'elite' torture children, Phoenix and Aria have emerged as leading voices against the European Monarchies.

Aldenham Abuse

School of Fools
As a child, Phoenix was sent to the elite boarding-school used as the filming-location for the 1968 movie If... (pictured above). Here, Phoenix ran an undercover-investigation. His report exposes the drug-dealers who founded Aldenham School, and the routine rape of students by teachers.


The Final Act
Why do so many young actors fall into addiction and despair? Phoenix trained at one of the world's most 'prestigious' acting schools, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), alongside Emma Watson. Here he witnessed, first hand, the abuse and harassment that is perpetrated by those who 'teach' acting.

The Curse of CAD

The Curse of CAD
Ethical car designers will quickly discover that corruption in the car industry goes way beyond the children manufacturers force to work in the cobalt, mica, and lithium mines. Corruption in Car Land begins the moment you switch on a computer and load your CAD software.

Aldenham School Pedophile Ring

The Feeding Grounds
In the second-part of his report on the massive Aldenham School pedophile-ring, Phoenix exposes how the school is used as a 'feeding ground' for royalty. His report also demonstrates how Aldenham trains children for abusive roles in the military, the media, and a wider-network of child-abuse.

Watch the Video

No Questions Asked
Phoenix Kaspian exposed Aldenham School as a child torture camp, but this is not the first time he has taken on the British Monarchy. Read Phoenix's detailed investigative report into the murder of children in camps affiliated with the Monarchy, and witness his sting-operation on the Metropolitan police.

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