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VOLC Cinematics™ is an electronics manufacturing company based in Krakow, Poland. We specialize in the manufacture of next-generation movie cameras. Our flagship product is the Kubrix™ camera; an anamorphic movie camera for indie filmmakers. Kubrix™ gives you the ultimate big-budget-look at an unbeatable price.

Movie Cameras
At VOLC Cinematics™ we understand that classic movies are founded on stunning lens technology and beautiful cameras. We are ushering in a return to the classic look and feel of movies like Gremlins and Speed. We know that digital technology has lost its way; it is now time to revive the beauty of film and combine it with the convenience of digital.

We design and build our own movie cameras using state-of-the art components. Our in-house machinist and electronics team is constantly working on new prototypes to enhance your filmmaking capabilities. We are filmmakers ourselves, and we know the importance of working with minimal budgets to create maximum impact.
Aria Star

At VOLC Cinematics™ we have real artists and cinematographers on our team. Our Art Director, Aria Star (pictured above) attended one of the most prestigious art academies in Europe. She has a reputation for breaking traditions in photography, illustration, and filmmaking.

At VOLC Cinematics™ we know that it is critical that our engineering team does not lose sight of the filmmakers who will use our cameras. For this reason, Aria Star was chosen to lead our Art Department. Her focus on creativity rather than technical-complexity keeps us focused.

Too often we find that electronics manufacturing companies are preoccupied with specifications over artistry. Our Art Director, Aria Star is a native-level speaker of English, French and German; bringing a uniquely international perspective which allows us to user-test our products across territories.
Dakota Skyhawk

At VOLC Cinematics™ our Systems Architect is Dakota Skyhawk (pictured above). Skyhawk has a history of creating work for major movie-production studios, including Warner Bros. Skyhawk trained at one of the world's most prestigious drama schools; his work in moving-images has been enjoyed by many millions of people.

VOLC Cinematics™ specializes in cameras with anamorphic lens systems. We advocate a return to the spirit of the classic films of the 70s and 80s. This was a time when cinematographers were focused on the unique compositional style of anamorphic photography. For this reason, Skyhawk is our Systems Architect on the Kubrix™ camera.

There is a certain degree of magic to the process of capturing a great movie. At VOLC Cinematics™ we do everything we can to enhance your core tool: the camera you use to shoot your picture. Most of the industry is focused on a preoccupation with specifications, but we specify only one thing: The camera image must look beautiful.

Uniquely Funded
VOLC Cinematics™ is funded by Clara Industries™ a fiercely-private group of American investors who are fully aware of the hostility that the legacy film-industry feels towards newcomers. For this reason, VOLC Cinematics™ is securely structured as a cellular-organization. Our team-groups currently operate without mutual-contact.

Traditional Values
VOLC Cinematics™ is heralding a return to ethical filmmaking. We reject the use of cinema as a tool for propaganda or social-conditioning. Great films should be entertaining and fun to watch. Stretching the criteria beyond this invites a host of ghouls into the arena. We make cameras for filmmakers who make art; not social-programming.

Building Theaters
VOLC Cinematics™ is scouting for locations to transform into a new kind of cinema experience. Our team is exploring the abandoned cinemas of Europe in the search for the perfect location to build our flagship theater. If you see us in your area, say hello. We're always interested in the local response to our revolutionary way of working.
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