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The Execution of Steve

By Chris Stevens / Phoenix Kaspian
16th January, 2024 —

Steve Jobs

Sometimes I am asked how I would describe my brief collaboration with Steve Jobs (pictured above). He was amusing, intelligent and, at times, cryptic. Steve's decision to promote my illustration and engineering work across the world was an act of great trust and kindness. Back then I was, just as Steve had once been, a kid working quietly out of my bedroom; hoping to put a dent in the universe.

The interactive-adaptation of Alice in Wonderland I designed, with the help of a programmer, was the iPad's most talked-about piece of software in 2010, when the device launched, and Steve later placed my work in every Apple television commercial across the world — from London to Tokyo.

Alice for the iPad

Steve never shared with me his precise reasons for such kindness, but I later learned that, way back in the summer of 1972 (before I was born), Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Chrisann Brennan all worked as 'dress-up' characters from Alice in Wonderland. Brennan dressed up as Alice, while Wozniak was the White Rabbit, and Jobs transformed into the Mad Hatter. This moment is even depicted in Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999).

Steve Jobs in Wonderland

The version of Alice in Wonderland I created was acclaimed, by all major newspapers across the world, as a technological breakthrough. The New York Times called it "fabulously surreal", "beautiful" and "stunningly imaginative". It was Oprah's favorite, she featured it on her show.

Alice on Oprah

The establishment agreed: my work was art in its own right, but Steve's personal connection to the story of Alice in Wonderland should not go unremarked. It was another major reason why our collaboration occurred.

Steve was, notoriously, against centralized power systems and monarchistic control. Of course, his critics might claim the opposite, but Steve always operated within a very small-percentage of the computer market. Dominance did not interest him; but quality did.

The book, Alice in Wonderland (1865) is perhaps the most brutal satire on monarchy ever written. It is certainly the funniest and most popular. As with George Orwell's Animal Farm, we find that Alice in Wonderland hides its deeper themes in plain sight. Steve was vividly aware of America's descent into monarchical control. So much so that he made sure a record was kept of this in his Smithsonian interview in 1995:
"...a monopoly gets control, which is what happened in our country... the service level almost always goes down." — Steve Jobs
Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland concerns itself with language, deceptions, monarchies, riddles, power systems, succession and execution. When, in 2011, Steve famously wrote in his resignation letter that Apple should "execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple", I dwelt on that odd choice of words. I could not help, like Alice, pondering the semantics of 'successions' and 'executions'.

Steve Jobs - Resignation Letter

Steve was a very considered person. Well known for long pauses before he would respond to a question. Steve's words and phrases were intentional. He liked to be specific, even when it was necessary to hide truth in plain sight. Steve did not, for example, write in his resignation letter that he would like to transfer Apple into the hands of a trusted friend, Tim Cook. Instead, Steve wrote that Apple should 'execute' its 'succession' plan.

Why Me?

Many in our industry are afraid to confront the Silicon Valley 'monarchy', fearing that the industry will yell back, "Off with his head!" Bill Gates' haunting sexual proclivities, as just one example, have gone unchallenged for decades. When asked by PBS about his intimate relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Gates responded like a mafia overlord saying, "He's dead; so in general you have to be careful."

This intriguing phrase attempted to draw a line under Gates' multi-million-dollar funding of Epstein's pedophile empire — laundered through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — while simultaneously issuing a threat to anyone who might speak out. You have to admire the economy of words in Bill Gates' warning. It must come from practice.

It feels like our continuing absence of courage in confronting child-abuse by tech companies is destroying our culture. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, the time has come to heed John Lennon's resignation to the inevitability that someone eventually has to say something. Here you can see the first drawing in Lennon's famous seriograph-suite which first asks "Why me?", to which the second drawing (not pictured here) responds "Why not?"

John Lennon artwork

Why Not?

Tim Cook abuses children. This is well-documented1. The extent to which he abuses children2 is to be determined by a court, and the process by which he will be brought to trial for his repeated abuse of children3 depends on your capacity — as the message on Steve Jobs' desk, pictured at the top of this page, reads — to "THINK". Your inclination will be to turn away.

Tim Cook has, bizarrely, never had any identifiable partner of any sort4. Readers will note that this was also the case for notorious pedophile, Jimmy Savile. This is not of course, to draw any comparison whatsoever between Tim Cook and the notorious pedophile Savile. Any attempt at such a direct comparison would (as it was with Savile) be met with such violent legal repercussions from the child-slave-traders at Apple that nobody would dare write such a thing. Perhaps we should not even think it.

On a different topic: Many reporters, after Jimmy Savile was exposed, congratulated themselves on having kept silent for years out of fear of being sued, and all the children who were raped in the interim were also delighted at the reporters' cowardice. Weren't they?

The problem is that the entire, disgusting edifice of Silicon Valley relies on our fear. What happens if we're not scared? What happens if we stop treating the child-slave-trader Tim Cook as royalty? What happens if we tell Bill Gates to stay away from children? What if we demand these limits be applied to both of these men?

Defensive Strategies

Tim Cook claims he is gay. In fact, he is oddly preoccupied with announcing his sexual-preferences at every given opportunity. He intones his sexual-orientation compulsively, like a defensive mantra. As Tim has had no reported partners, he must be non-practicing gay. Like a golfer who never golfs, or a swimmer who never swims. They are still golfers and swimmers right? Right? Think.

For no reason in particular, I am now thinking of former British Prime Minister David Cameron who, when presented live on-air with a list of pedophiles in the British Parliament5 nervously deflected that the list included people "some of whom are gay".

Being gay has, for too long, been a protected-class in our societies. Gay (and hetrosexual) people should not be given carte-blanche to abuse children. Waving a rainbow flag after committing a crime against children is no defense against that crime.

Tim Cook has spent most of his tenure at Apple as a political spokesperson for gay equality. Perhaps it is time that Tim is shown what the word 'equality' actually means. It means facing consequences for a deception of humanity, and his abuse of children in China and elsewhere.


It might be argued that I also played my part in this horror show. My software, in part, popularized the Apple iPad and empowered Tim Cook's reign. Sadly, perhaps, it is the fallen 'knights' of the realm who must ultimately dethrone the tyrant kings. These rogue 'knights' have the heavier weapons (reputation and insider-knowledge).

I no longer associate with Apple employees, or endorse the company's products. I have not done so for years. If there is past karma to be repaid, then this article is it. Steve gave me an enormous gift by promoting my work, and it is disgraceful to see what Apple has done to our communities since his death.

Steve Jobs Passport

The Silicon Valley monarchy saw Steve depart twice from Apple. The first time by John-Sculley-led deception (1985), and the second time by 'execution' (2011). Execution of a 'succession plan', that is. Right?

Would the most fervent 'pirate' of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs, who told employees "It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy." have allowed the iPhone to become a mass-surveillance tool of the CIA? Would Steve have endorsed Tim Cook's endless political grandstanding? Would Steve have knowingly used child slaves en-mass? Would Steve consciously have thought: I will knowingly use child slaves, for years, to pile more money on the top of my current money-mountain?
“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters to me.” — Steve Jobs
Would Steve have stayed silent about Jeffrey Epstein's child-abuse island? Would Steve have had anything to say about Bill Gates' sexual-horrors? Tim Cook has nothing to say on these topics. He is silent on these topics. However, it is very important to Tim Cook that you know that he is gay, and that his rights are infringed upon daily, while he sits in his air-conditioned office at Apple Park, running a remote-control Chinese-child-sweatshop.

Is this industrial level of hypocrisy sustainable? Do Apple employees routinely freebase crack-cocaine to delude themselves into compliance while scuttling about the Sir-Norman-Foster-designed deck of Tim Cook's Cupertino slave-ship? Surely human organisms cannot exist in close-proximity to such stupidity-in-leadership without some vastly powerful chemical to numb their souls and blind their eyes? Maybe they just stare dead-eyed into their blood-drenched iPhones — zombified like so much of the society they have ruined.

Even the dilapidated-husk of child-slave-trader Sir Jony Ive could not tolerate the levels of human-depravity being fermented in Cupertino. He permanently exited Apple Park, in his chauffeur-driven Bentley Mulsanne, three years ago — leaving in his wake an ecological-waste mountain of faulty Macbook-Air-keyboards. It seems that even demi-goblins cannot not tolerate Tim Cook's ultimate form. We have to wonder: Who is left in the Apple Park building? How are their souls doing?

It is well known that Steve Jobs secretly despised Tim Cook. Biographer Walter Issacson was so threatened by Steve's brutal opinions on Tim Cook, that he stripped them from the eponymous biography, Steve Jobs (2011), without telling us. Issacson did not even let the reader know that his book was censoring Steve's comments; they were not safe for us to read. It was also not safe for us to even know that we were not allowed to read them.

In July 2019, eight years after the book's publication, Issacson was interviewed6 on CNBC. Here, he admitted that he had censored Steve Jobs' complaints about Tim Cook because he felt these complaints were not "relevant to the reader".

I contacted Walter Issacson and made it explicitly clear that I was investigating Tim Cook's abuse of children. Issacson refused to provide me with the censored interview material; completely ignoring my request. The reader has to ask: How many establishment-figures are complicit in this cover-up?

This article will, no doubt, cost me my reputation in Silicon Valley and beyond. But what use is a 'reputation' when those who would grant it to you support the ongoing abuse of children? Better to lose your reputation among criminals and abusers than have them praise you. The inevitable attacks following my publication of this piece are the predictable consequence of our society's greatest taboo: To speak out for the rights of children.

Here is a photograph of me7 (on the left) and Steve Jobs8 (on the right).

Chris Stevens and Steve Jobs
“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." — Steve Jobs

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    7. I changed my name to Phoenix Kaspian after the global success of the Alice software — to avoid the enormous pressures of unwanted fame and publicity in the years that followed.
    8. Steve is cycling down the street where he grew up, in California.

About Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens is the former name of Phoenix Kaspian the Guardian Media Award winning journalist. Chris Stevens' stunning adaptation of Alice in Wonderland led to a major collaboration with Steve Jobs. Chris Stevens' book designs have been described by The New York Times as "fabulously surreal", "beautiful" and "stunningly imaginative". While Susan Orlean at The New Yorker called Stevens' work "amazing". As a journalist, Stevens wrote for The Telegraph, and The Times in London.