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School of Fools

By Chris Stevens / Phoenix Kaspian
26th January, 2024 —

The Movie If.. (1968)

It is well known that alcohol is the most dangerous recreational drug in the world. Alcohol exceeds even heroin or cocaine in its ability to destroy lives and communities. What would happen, then, if a beer company chose to establish and run a school?

For me, the question is not a hypothetical one, because I went to such a school. My school, Aldenham, was run by the self-pronounced 'Worshipful Company of Brewers'. The consequence of allowing depraved drug-dealers from a local-brewery to build an educational system was predictable: The students at Aldenham, my 'elite' British boarding school, were routinely beaten; harassed; raped; and driven to suicide.

Aldenham School

It has taken me years to undo the damage done by Aldenham, a school that makes most prisons seem comparatively luxurious. It is only now, with the jailing of one of my teachers for the rape of a student, and the discovery of concrete evidence against at least two other teachers, that I am able to write this account. I hope it will be sufficient to shut Aldenham down forever.

My account traces the abuses at Aldenham all the way back to the British Crown, and to the alleged 'king', Charles. It is the so-called 'Royal' Family who sits at the apex of the Aldenham School pedophile-ring.

Our collective struggle, as a society, to accept the crown's utter depravity, in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, is holding humanity back from our next stage of evolution.

If we are to, collectively, dethrone these thugs in gold-hats who seem unable to resist raping anything that smells like a child, we must read and accept accounts from survivors like myself. Even if those accounts are difficult, and disturbing, to accept.

If . . . .

Aldenham School was used as the filming location for the 1968 movie 'If....' starring Malcolm McDowell (pictured above). This actor would later star in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (1971). 'If....' accurately depicted life at my school. Children at the school were molested, beaten, and abused. The film ends when the students take to the roof of 'Aldenham' school and gun-down the teachers.

Aldenham School Study Area

My father, who was also tortured at Aldenham, had always told me that the school governors were tricked into allowing the filmmakers access, and had no idea that the movie 'If....' would be a brutal critique of the entire idea of the British boarding school.

Evidence of Abuse

Now that I have acquired concrete evidence of the child-rapes committed by so-called 'teachers' Alun Pickford; Nick Pulman, and Jim Twelves, there is a sufficient foundation to expose the entire school. The truth is that most teachers at Aldenham were child-rapists. Aldenham School does not merely have an unfortunate problem with teachers raping students, but it has been designed for this explicit purpose.

Aldenham School Study Area

I do not make my claims against Aldenham lightly. As the media-theorist Marshall McLuhan once wrote:
Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity.
Such was the case at Aldenham, where now-jailed, student-rapists like Alun Pickford roamed freely, picking off children like a wild hyena. Our collective failure to believe my account will ensure another generation of children meet the same fate.

Children Destroyed

Not only were teachers like Pickford, Pulman, and Twelves raping students, but the effect of their abuse induced older students to rape, harass, beat, and torment those younger than them. As just one example, students Oliver Jones and Dev Patel, photographed below at Aldenham, would regularly abuse me.

Aldenham Students Oliver Jones and Dev Patel

In retrospect, I feel nothing but sadness toward these two children who, although legally culpable at the age they repeatedly assaulted me, were coaxed into doing so by years of relentless physical and mental abuse by the 'teachers' at Aldenham.

Oliver was a skilled musician and clearly had enormous potential as a human-being. That he had been tortured by the school, and was then provoked by systemic-corruption to re-enact that torture on younger students, like me, is a vivid example of blind traumatic-repetition.

The reader may quickly grasp my theme by this point: That Aldenham was manufacturing thugs and rapists, dressed in smart suits. In other words: The next generation of the British Establishment was being trained-up at the school.

Aldenham School Grounds

Oliver Jones and Dev Patel, were just two among many students who had been turned into monsters by Aldenham. Their crimes were minor compared to those of other students, like Sasha Whipman who was notorious for brutalizing students.

Sasha Whipman's routine mauling of younger students stopped soon after Whipman's father died; during our third year at the school. This strongly suggested to me that Sasha's father had been violating him; and so Sasha had been 'acting-out' this trauma by abusing us.

Again, looking back, it is not anger, but sadness that pervades my memory of Whipman. Although the experience was horrific, Whipman was invited by the school to abuse students. The architecture of the space itself encouraged these student-predators to assault the weaker children. The objective, after-all, was to traumatize and divide us against each other.

Assaults in the Showers

The showers in the boarding houses at Aldenham were designed to be 'communal'. This meant that, although there was ample room to build individual, private showers, instead the school had designed large, open, prison-style shower areas which were concealed down corridors which made it difficult to see what occurred within them.

What occurred inside the shower areas was, of course, the rape and beating of students. Sometimes by 'teachers' and sometimes by other students. These shower-rapes were particularly liable to occur on a student's birthday; with the full-endorsement of so-called 'House-Masters', in my case a man called Nick Pulman. On my birthdays I was, several times, pulled from my bed in the dormitory pictured below.

Aldenham School Dormitory

I was then taken into the communal shower areas, where I was soaked with water; beaten; and on occasion raped. I now know that this was done to induce in me an unconscious, lifelong aversion to my own birthday. That a human being can be traumatically-conditioned to hate and fear their own birthday is a profound injury and one that, as we will discover later in my article, bears all the hallmarks of abuse engineered by the British Crown.

Ritual Abuse in the Tower

Being assaulted on birthdays was just one horror that the Aldenham student was routinely subjected to. There were also beatings and rapes perpetrated in the clock-tower building at Aldenham. This octagonal tower, bearing a clock, was next to a long staircase that wrapped around the inside of the building.

Aldenham School Abuse Tower

Children would be taken, at night, into the tower building, and abused. As the clock tower loomed over the entire school, and symbolized our connection with time, you can imagine the effect of almost always having the venue of our torture being in view, even when we were not being abused there.

As a means of processing our trauma in the tower building at Aldenham, a folklore-tale had been handed down between children at the school. The story went that if a student ran down the staircase of the tower building at the first stroke of midnight, and did not make it to the ground floor by the twelfth strike, they would be dead by morning. Embarking on such a challenge was called "The Midnight Run".

Of course the folklore expressed a hidden desire in all of us: That there might be some way to avoid the 'death' we experienced around the tower at the hands of the deranged 'teachers' who took us there, often alone, to be desecrated. In reality, there was nothing a small child could do in the face of being torn from bed and taken to the tower building.

Expert Pedophiles

The pedophiles at Aldenham were well-trained. Nick Pulman, for example, knew well enough that a lone man running a boarding-house would seem all the more peculiar and, for this reason, he had acquired a wife, and children. This is not unusual for such men. They have just enough intelligence to grasp the risk of discovery.

Nick Pulman's wife, Charlotte, floated around Aldenham school, her hands almost as wanton as Pulman's. Certainly she had no concept of consent whatsoever and served both as Pulman's accomplice and his disguise. Here Charlotte Pulman can be seen in the Aldenham School 'Tuck Shop' serving sugared-products to children; wearing a blue top.

Aldenham School Tuck Shop

Almost every teacher at Aldenham had been picked for their unique capacity to molest children in connection with their subject of choice. This was done in order to confuse and disorientate anyone who showed excellence in relation to any particular lesson.

Obviously, intelligent humans pose a challenge to the corrupt-power systems that run Aldenham; the British Crown. For this reason, any bright-flame in a child was to be extinguished. Genius or talent was snuffed out by the roaming hands and sexual horrors of those who called themselves 'teachers'. Here is the 'Design Technology' lab where Alun Pickford (not pictured here) raped students.

Aldenham School Design Lab

We will return to Alun Pickford later, but before we get there, it is important to understand the context in which Pickford, and other 'teachers', raped so freely in the school. Consider the 'Language Lab' at Aldenham School, pictured below.

Experimentation on Students

The intercom-system in this 'language laboratory' was designed to induce fear and confusion in students when 'learning' languages. I experienced the 'teachers' in this room bursting suddenly in on my 'learning' and issuing odd instructions and threats via my headphones. This had the effect of associating, through conditioning, the feeling of fear with the learning of languages.

Contrary to its apparent purpose, the 'Language Lab' was designed to destroy our interest in languages. Indeed, it took me many years to undo the damage done in this room. I now speak French and German, but it took huge amounts of self-healing to get to that point. The 'Language Lab' at Aldenham was clearly a softer-version of the MK-Ultra project which Stanley Kubrick exposed in his movie A Clockwork Orange (1971), pictured below.

Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange

Jailed Teacher

Alun Pickford (pictured below) has been jailed for raping a student during the time I attended Aldenham School. The court heard that the student felt "paralyzed" when Pickford entered a room and raped her. Pickford then left her a devastating note, describing the student he had just raped as a "dead dog".

Alun Pickford was jailed as a child-rapist

The court transcripts from Pickford's recent trial give the reader the faintest-taste of what is perpetrated by Aldenham School. Because of the school's intimate-ties to British royalty, few survivors make it far enough to lodge a complaint, let alone convince the police to take action. In short: Adult survivors risk their lives in speaking out against child-torture camps like Aldenham.

The Pride of Abusers

Rapes at the school were committed by, and overseen by, many teachers. The difficulty is in evidencing them, especially given the fear ex-students feel in speaking out, and Aldenham School's enormous financial reservoirs. Fortunately, not only do these teachers rape children, but they are idiots, and have openly left a trail of evidence for the public to decipher.

Jim Twelves, pictured below, wrote a career-retrospective on his criminal-partner and fellow-Aldenham-teacher, Nick Pulman. Jim Twelves was stupid and arrogant enough to write openly about their crimes in The Aldenhamiana magazine. I was able to acquire a copy of this publication and you can download it here.

Jim Twelves

In his retrospective of Nick Pulman, the teacher Jim Twelves uses transparent innuendo to describe exactly what he and Pulman had been doing to the children at Aldenham, for decades.

Consider this extract from the article:
I am so sorry that I pulled up my stumps and went and left you in 1994 after only half your innings. We certainly had put up a few runs on the board with our opening innings together. In fact I must say I have oft used our partnership as the epitome of team work and collaboration. You would always catch the balls I could not reach and I hope I caught a few for you too.
The reader will note the odd repetition of a metaphor in Twelves' article, when he writes "You would always catch the balls I could not reach..." What is Twelves referring to? Surely not the grabbing of children's genitals? He must be referring to a sports game, right?

Sadly, as Twelves expands on his theme, his gloating gets the better of him, and ambiguity turns quickly to self-incrimination:
The highlight of our innings would have to be the residential field trips at Easter.
Unfortunately, for Pulman and Twelves, the 'residential field trips' were occasions on which the two teachers would take charge of groups of children and take them to remote locations for 'geography field trips'. Quickly, then, we see the arrogance and pride that pedophiles feel in deceiving those around them.

Twelves cannot argue that his article is dealing in clumsy sports metaphors. Instead, what we discover is two pedophiles pubically celebrating their conquests. Twelves reminds Pulman that he could, "always catch the balls I could not reach" during their "innings" on the geography-department's "residential field trips".

Here is a recent photograph of Nick Pulman with his 'wife' Charlotte Pulman. For decades, they roamed the school, as their replacements do now, brutalizing and destroying children.

Nick Pulman and Charlotte Pulman

Inevitably with pedophilia, all roads lead to Rome. In this case Rome's latest incarnation: Members of the British 'royal' family; who regularly visit Aldenham School to feed.

Nick Pulman and Charlotte Pulman

Jimmy Savile's closest friend, 'king' Charles can often be found haunting Brewer's Hall, where Aldenham's 'benefactors' and drug-dealers, 'The Worshipful Company of Brewers' manufacture alcohol.

Nick Pulman and Charlotte Pulman

All Aldenham students experience an early induction that involves a visit to Brewers' Hall, where I was also subjected to abuse and torture; I was around twelve-years-old at the time. The British 'king' Charles likes to visit the 'Brewers’ Company' for 'events'. In the picture above, for example, you can see him clasping alcohol in one hand, and the hand of a teenage-student from Aldenham School in the other. Charles is described by Aldenham School officials as an 'elected liveryman' of the Brewers’ drug-dealership.

Surviving Friends

My friends Hirokazu Kato and Rishi Anand escaped from Aldenham with their integrity. This photograph I took, below, shows them challenging a man wearing a government-muzzle on the Tokyo subway, in Japan.

Nick Pulman and Charlotte Pulman

Sent to Aldenham from Japan, as a child, Hirokazu learned to speak fluent English from scratch within a few months and remains one of the most intelligent people I have ever known; and one of my best-friends to this day.

Aldenham attempted to destroy Hirokazu's mind and body, as it did mine, but it failed. Today, Hirokazu works in high-end robotics and manufacturing.

While we were at Aldenham, Hirokazu introduced me to Akira; a masterpiece of Japanese dystopian fiction. Akira tells the story of children fighting back against horrendous-evil and it gave me great comfort to read Akira at Aldenham School. Both Hirokazu and I fought back against the school; like the kids in Akira.

Akira - The Graphic Novel

Towards the end of his time at Aldenham, Hirokazu donated a cutting-edge CAD (Computer Aided Design) computer to the school's Design laboratory. The student-rapist, Alun Pickford, who ran this department, left Hirokazu's extraordinary gift unused; gathering dust in the corner of a back-room. It seemed that there was no kindness that Pickford could not metamorphose into anger, hostility, and insult.

Hirokazu was a brilliant designer, and I remain disgusted that he was subjected to the enduring terrorism of being harassed, demeaned and assaulted by Alun Pickford and other so-called 'teachers' at Aldenham School.

My friend Rishi Anand was also a bright, gifted student whose design work was inspiring. However, Alun Pickford would frequently pick on Rishi during classes, and ridicule his work. Pickford encouraged other students to belittle Rishi, and my friend ultimately quit the design class and moved into another subject area.

The question has to be asked: How many brilliant designers has Alun Pickford destroyed during his career? We know that, prior to his imprisonment, Pickford had a propensity for raping us, but his crimes extended far beyond this; as did the crimes of most teachers at Aldenham. The teachers at Aldenham raped students physically, but they also raped us intellectually.

The world is less bright for the loss of Rishi Anand's talented design drawings, and we will never know what beautiful work he may have continued to create had Alun Pickford not demolished his artistic career.

Akira - The Graphic Novel

Rishi Anand (pictured above reading a graphic-design book) later became an entrepreneur, and runs a major retail-business in London. Sadly he did not, however, ever draw again.

Alun Pickford also abused me, and for a long time I also struggled to return to the field of design; an area that I am naturally skilled in. Today, I am an engineer working in the fields of skyscraper design, hydrogen-powered vans, and ethical computing.

Finding Ways to Heal

It took me years of self-healing to undo the damage that Alun Pickford, and most other teachers at Aldenham, did to my mind. I nearly didn't make it, as addictions and depression plagued me for decades after leaving Aldenham School. I did make it, however, and I have written this article in the spirit of an engineering project, the objective being to totally, utterly, and absolutely ensure the demolition of Aldenham School; all of its teachers; the drug-dealers that fund it; and the British Crown who feeds on it.

I am a world-renowned designer, having collaborated with Steve Jobs prior to his death. The design-work I created has appeared on the front page of The New York Times; The Financial Times; The Telegraph; on Oprah; and on television channels across the world.

Phoenix Kaspian's work on Oprah

I have written two major-books on design; in multiple-languages; available in bookshops worldwide; published by John Wiley & Sons. I have won a Guardian Media Award for my journalism. I worked as a long-term journalist for both The Telegraph and The Times newspapers in London.

The End of Aldenham

Aldenham School's time is over. We cannot continue as a society while the so-called British 'king' and his pedophile gang are permitted to freely rape the young minds of our planet via these institutions of abuse. Aldenham School must be shut down and the grounds turned into a memorial for all the children it has desecrated.

The British 'king' Charles; the pedophile Prince Andrew; and all other members of the 'royal' gang, globally, should be immediately taken to trial. We cannot co-exist with people who think it is acceptable to rape our children. Humanity has reached the end of its tolerance for the 'royal' pedophiles and their pandemic of child-abuse and torture.

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About Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens is the former name of Phoenix Kaspian the Guardian Media Award winning journalist. Chris Stevens' stunning adaptation of Alice in Wonderland led to a major collaboration with Steve Jobs. Chris Stevens' book designs have been described by The New York Times as "fabulously surreal", "beautiful" and "stunningly imaginative". While Susan Orlean at The New Yorker called Stevens' work "amazing". As a journalist, Stevens wrote for The Telegraph, and The Times in London. Chris Stevens is now legally known as Phoenix Kaspian. His work can be seen on his official website, here.