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The Feeding Grounds

By Chris Stevens / Phoenix Kaspian
21st February, 2024 —

Alleged 'king' Charles with his best-friend, the pedophile Jimmy Savile

The massive pedophile ring operating out of Aldenham school has been exposed, and its connections to royalty are now widely known. However, the rape and beatings of students at Aldenham are only a small part of what occurs on the school grounds.

In my previous article, I exposed three teachers. Alun Pickford (who is now jailed for student-rape at Aldenham), Jim Twelves, and Nick Pulman who openly incriminated1 themselves in a magazine article. If you have not yet read that article, I advise reading it first.

Aldenham School Pedophiles

The emerging truth is that Aldenham School was built for the precise purpose of abusing children. As a child, I witnessed, and experienced first-hand, the torture of children across the school grounds. There is, however, an epicenter of ritual-abuse at Aldenham, and this is the school's 'library' building.

The outside of the Aldenham School Library

Rituals in the 'library' frequently took place in the early hours of the morning and involved many adult 'spectators' who would crowd both floors of the library building to watch children being raped and abused. In other words: Aldenham School is a major feeding-ground for groups of well-organized 'elite' pedophiles.

Threats to my Life

Naturally, my account will be challenging to accept, and you will likely feel inclined to either stop reading, or doubt that this can be happening to children.

Fortunately, I have confirmed my experience with multiple survivors of Aldenham school and I am ready for the monarchy's inevitable attempts to silence me through violence. Already they have made several attempts, including sending an armed soldier2 into the lobby of a major North American hotel in an attempt to kill me.

The public continue to struggle to accept the utter depravity of the British 'monarchy', and its affiliates, in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. But failing to listen to my account will ensure that we continue to live under the 'reign' of these pedophiles.

As I will thoroughly evidence in this article, the Aldenham School library is actually a 'temple' building not dissimilar to the one discovered on Epstein's island. The reason why these temple buildings are discovered on the grounds of known child-rape facilities3 may now be clear to the astute reader.

The Monarchy is Abuse

The British Monarchy is not a uniquely intelligent branch of the human gene-pool. Instead, we are dealing with the perpetrators of centuries of torture, genocide, war, rape and theft. In short, when drawing back the curtain on abusers like 'king' Charles, we find not 'rule by divine right', but rule by child-abuse.

This child-abuse is not spontaneous and haphazard. It is planned. It is well-organized and it has a quazi-religious foundation. In other words: 'Royalty' and those affiliated with these abusers, practice an occult religion.

This religion is associated with numerous signs and symbols which can be seen throughout the Aldenham School grounds, but which are most prominent in the school's 'library' building. Here, children are raped and molested in organized rituals.

Before I evidence the specific 'royal' groups behind these child-rape 'parties', I will describe what typically occurred in the Aldenham School 'library' building during the rituals I witnessed, and was abused in.

Child Rape Parties

The 'library' building rituals took place early in the morning, typically between midnight and 3am. Ropes were tied from the cross-members that appear to support the upper-floor railings.

These cross-members on the upper-floor of the library are clearly structurally unnecessary to support the handrails. The reason they are there is to tie these ropes onto. I will explain why in a moment.

The inside of the Aldenham School Library

The ritual abuse in the library typically involved many children. There were many adult-abusers in the temple, and, as children, we would be passed around and sexually abused by various adults. These adults parked their vehicles in the large car park areas next to the library.

The capacity of the car parks at Aldenham, surrounding the 'library', is well in excess of what is required for the school during normal-hours. However, these car parks would be full during rituals.

On ritual-nights, the upper and lower floors of the library ('temple') were full of pedophiles. The upper balcony looked down on the 'arena' of the ground floor where children were tortured at the end of the rituals.

Many pedophiles would watch the abuse from the balcony, looking down. The abuse of children by adults was videotaped to gain 'kompromat' (blackmail material). This is used to control members of these pedophile rings.

Spinning Torture

At the end of rituals in the school 'library' children were subjected to torture including 'spinning'. This 'spinning' involved tying a child's leg to a rope which was threaded over the cross-members in the 'library'. The child is then spun around extremely fast, in the air. This was done to me many times, over many years, during ritual abuse in this building.

The photograph below shows a daytime-event in the library, and not a ritual. Note the patterns in the balcony railing; particularly the obfuscation of the Freemason-cult's 'divider and square' iconography.

The view from the balcony of the Aldenham School Library

Spinning is a known method of causing a fracture in the human psyche. Experience and memory can be 'split'. Spinning induces a pain and confusion that is like a super-intense form of vertigo. The pain of being spun confuses the mind to the point where it shuts down to black-out the pain. This was the process by which the visiting-pedophiles and Aldenham 'teachers' tried to confuse our memory of this abuse at the end of a ritual. In my case, it did not work.

The Freemasons

If you look carefully at the upper-floor railings in the Aldenham 'library' you can see Freemasonic symbols are woven throughout the metalwork.

Symbolism in the Aldenham School Library

Compare the simplified-obfuscated Freemasonic iconography in the Aldenham School library to the symbol-sets we find in known Freemason temples, like the one pictured below:

The floor of a known Freemason temple building in the USA

In the image below, I have adjusted the perspective of the previous image. Now you can see the floor of a known Freemason temple juxtaposed with the symbolism 'hidden' in the balcony railings of the Aldenham School 'library' (temple) building. Clearly, there is an exact match for multiple symbols:

The floor of a known Freemason temple building in the USA

There are many other architectural details in the Aldenham 'library' that evidence Freemasonic occultism. For example: The distinctive masonic-columns that support the upper-floor with their four-corner scrolls. There are also exactly 33 panes of glass in the upper-section of the rear window in the library. This is a key Freemasonic motif and widely known to even the most casual initiate.

There is much more detail regarding the Freemasonic architecture of the Aldenham School library. Readers who are still uncertain of my thesis can gain a deeper insight by reading the forum conversation linked here, where numerous people have deconstructed the architectural 'code' in the Aldenham School library. I am greatly indebted to their work.

For those who are prepared to accept it: Aldenham School abuses children to turn them into Freemasons. It is well-known that the Freemasons are an elaborate pedophile ring, and numerous survivors have given recorded testimony regarding this gang's operations.

The objective at Aldenham School is not simply to rape children, but also to create new 'soldiers' in the Monarchy's army. To create new 'puppets' to place throughout society. The school manufactures Freemasons.

Politicians, for example, don't have an unfortunate problem with child-rape among their ranks. Instead, many politicians are presented as electoral candidates specifically because they rape children. The Crown does not want us to have leaders who might question why genocidal thugs in gold-hats live in palaces.

The Crown does not want us to have leaders who ask why Jeffrey Epstein's client list remains forever hidden from the public.

The Dead Queen sharing her private lodge with Jeffrey Epstein

In the photograph above, you can see pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell lounging at the (now dead) British Queen's private log-cabin at Balmoral castle. Her son, Andrew, is also known to have raped children with Jeffrey Epstein, while her other son, Charles, was best-friends with notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile; who the Queen knighted (as she did many other famous pedophiles).

Blackmail Club

If you have ever wondered why so many politicians, journalists, actors and musicians are so talentless and repellent, now you have your answer: These people have been specifically placed throughout society because they are blackmailed by the Crown. The Monarchy likes to position its Freemason-puppets across your cultures because these puppets will never speak out about the Monarchy.

Aldenham School is just one of many Freemason-temples 'hidden in plain sight' where children are raped. Waves of politicians and 'public figures' emerge from the flames of the kompromat gathered in the Aldenham school 'library'. Every videotape provides the Freemasons with new blackmail material; and another puppet is born.

Aldenham School is frequently visited by many different 'royals' and other apex-predator pedophiles. I have already evidenced 'king' Charles, hanging out with Aldenham's drug-dealer-founders; clasping his alcohol; and gripping the hand of a teenage Aldenham School student.

The alleged 'king' Charles doing drugs at Brewers' Hall

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So called 'princess' Anne is also evidenced haunting the Aldenham School grounds. Here she is pictured 'celebrating' 400 years of operation for the facility.

Princess Anne at Aldenham School

Here, again, is 'princess' Anne. This time pictured immediately outside the Freemason 'temple' building at Aldenham School where children are raped and tortured, in nighttime rituals, by Freemasons:

Princess Anne outside the Aldenham School Freemason temple

Military Operations

Aldenham School is a military-operation which takes children in, and turns them into monsters. Readers will doubtless struggle to accept this: Aldenham School was designed by Freemasons and 'royalty' as an abuse-camp. We can see how Aldenham directly 'trained' those children who, as adults, acted at the behest of the (now dead) British Queen to commit horrendous acts of mass-murder.

For example, consider the "President" of the Old Aldenhamian society, Lord Vincent of Coleshill. This ex-student of Aldenham literally 'carried the sword of the Monarch'. Lord Vincent (now dead) also perpetrated war on behalf of the British establishment, spreading terror and violence across regions like occupied Ireland. Vincent also worked as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. In this photograph 'lord' Vincent can be seen prowling the Aldenham School grounds.

Lord Vincent at Aldenham School

The reader can speculate on what Vincent experienced as a child in the Aldenham School 'library'; showers; and dormitories that led him to genocide for the royal-pedophiles and NATO.

Note that 'lord' Vincent is wearing a similar Crown-awarded medal to the one that notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile is wearing in the photograph at the very top of this article. In that earlier photo, Savile is 'joking' with his best-friend 'king' Charles.

Aldenhamiana Issue No.26 included this photograph of Coleshill and the (now dead) British Queen:

Lord Vincent carring the dead Queen's sword

By now, you will have grasped my theme: That torture at Aldenham, and other boarding-schools, is the means by which the British Monarchy 'reigns'. It does so by raping our children.

If the British Monarchy was no longer permitted to rape children, it would cease to exist. The Monarchy is reliant on widespread-trauma, much of it enacted on children. A human population that was not abused as children, en-mass by the European Monarchies, would never accept the surreal idiocy of known-pedophiles sitting on thrones.

If an alien visited Planet Earth, she would surely be horrified by our situation: One where we are forced to revere 'royal' child-rapists, while their puppets in the media exclude all critique from their newspapers and television channels.

Media Puppets

I am hesitant to name more students from Aldenham school who went on to perpetrate abuse. This is because I know what these children went through that turned them into monsters.

That said, I cannot allow another generation to be harassed, misled and abused by former Aldenham School students.

The reader should be aware that I have not chosen the worst abusers to emerge from Aldenham's torture-camp, but only two abusers who it has been easiest to evidence.

I caution against approaching these survivors of Aldenham, and I do not hold them entirely responsible for their actions. Nevertheless, we cannot continue as a society until we understand the full horror of what Aldenham School manufactures in its students.

Rob Bovington

Rob Bovington attended Aldenham School and was tortured there. He then moved into a career in advertising. Readers may remember comedian Bill Hicks' famous quip, "By the way if anyone here is in advertising or marketing: kill yourself."

Natually, I wish no harm to Rob Bovington (pictured on the right), although he and his business-partner, Stephen Webley (pictured on the left), wished great harm to humanity. In fact, they wanted us genocided.

Steve Webley and Rob Bovington

During the Covid-Fraud, Bovington and Webley conceived an advertising campaign that clearly violates the Nuremberg Code. Specifically Section One of the code which states that:

"The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential... as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion"
Since advertising is, by definition, a form of coercion, Bovington may wish to reflect on his co-production of a video in which he and Webley placed the actor Richard Ayoade in a government-muzzle to coerce and manipulate society into a 'medical' intervention.

Rob Bovington's ad-campaign for government muzzle-wearing

Of course, by design, we have all been coerced (by the media) into divergent positions regarding the pointlessness (or not) of wrapping a random bit of perforated cloth across our faces to stop a 120-nanometer wide 'virus'. So, it is hardly worth debating this divide-and-rule nonsense any further.

What is worth discussing, however, is why the same kind of Freemasonic-pedophile symbols that we see obfuscated across the metal-work of the Aldenham School library are present in Rob Bovington's HSBC advertising campaign for the 'virus'.

Symbolism in Rob Bovingtons advertising campaign

More symbolism in Rob Bovingtons advertising campaign

Even more symbolism in Rob Bovingtons advertising campaign

Comparable symbols in the Aldenham School Freemason Temple

Of course, there is plausible deniability: It's just a pattern on some socks; it's just the stained-glass in a door; it's just a mask. This is certainly one way to navigate the emerging horror of the long-term consequences of Aldenham School and Freemasonic-pedophilia: Denial.

Unmasking The Advertisers

At this point, I should mention another prominent feature of the child-rape rituals that took place in the Aldenham School library. Specifically, that many of the adults who raped the children during rituals wore masks.

What did these masks look like? Many of them were black surgical-masks which looked identical to the ones that began to mysteriously appear during 'covid'. Why did surgical masks suddenly turn from green and blue to black? Why would this be?

The astute reader will have understood my theme: The British Crown, together with their Freemason foot-soldiers, abuse children in rituals that associatively condition various symbols with pain and fear. One of these symbols is the face-mask.

Here, of course, the entire 'ruse' of the 'virus' falls apart. The Crown, and other powerful groups, feared the collapse of their power systems after the exposure of Jeffrey Epstein's royal-rape island. In their panic, they fabricated the standard-pretext for a holocaust. Just as the Crown has engineered4 numerous other holocausts throughout history.

One of the primary symbols of fear that was 'compulsory' for citizens to wear during the covid hoax was the face-muzzle. Not only was this a symbol of mute-humiliation, but it was specifically chosen because so many children, now adults, were raped in conjunction with this costume.

If you wondered why you felt inordinate fear in watching your fellow-citizens mindlessly wrap their lower-face with the government-muzzle, now you know why. There may even be a deeper reason for your distress: The Freemasons often wear similar masks in their child-rape rituals. Many adults do not recall their childhood-abuse. In fact, the abuse is designed not to be recalled.

The Making of Monsters

I wrote to Rob Bovington three times5 asking for his response to the Aldenham School pedophile scandal and I received no reply. I then contacted Bovington's employer, The Gate, informing them that I would take legal action if they, or Bovington, did not respond. I informed The Gate's CEO, Jamie Elliot, that the matter concerned immediate risk to children. Jamie Elliot did not respond.

As we can see, these advertising companies are happy to stuff state-propaganda down our throats 24 hours a day but, if questioned, they are unable to say anything whatsoever. Suddenly, these jabbering-tricksters who cannot shut-up fall inexplicably silent.

In the case of Rob Bovington, we can see how Aldenham school created yet another monster. We can see how students of elite schools, like Aldenham, not only pose a risk to children, but also to wider society.

Bovington6 not only participated in the abuse of humanity, and the attempted perpetration of a holocaust, but openly gloated about his insider-knowledge by juxtaposing a 'mask' with the same known-Freemason symbols that appear in the Aldenham School temple-building.

If you feel fury about the smugness and arrogance with which Bovington, and other Freemasons, flaunted their deceit of humanity, I advise that you calm that fury with the knowledge that Bovington was, as a child, extensively raped and tortured by Freemasons at Aldenham School before he turned into what he has become.

It is better that Aldenham School is demolished and the 'king' taken to trial than Bovington come to any harm. Please do not approach him. He is just one pawn in their media-army and not the worst, by a long way.

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen was a student at Aldenham and notoriously abusive to younger students. Again, we run into the problem of Cohen's culpability as he was also subjected to routine rape and torture at the hand of 'teachers' and 'elite' visitors to the school. They turned him into a monster.

Other students have confirmed for me Cohen's participation in abuse at the school and they also recall signs that Cohen may have been affiliated in some way, through his family, with the Freemasons prior to his arrival. In ways, this gave Cohen unique 'privilege' to be especially vindictive towards younger children.

Paul Cohen now works at the highest levels of the advertising industry. I contacted his company, VCCP, asking to speak with Cohen. At first, VCCP's Stephanie Brimacombe ignored7 my request. When I suggested that I would take legal action, Cohen finally contacted8 me.

I asked Cohen if he would like to comment on my previous article. He refused to do so. I waited for 19 days to ensure that Cohen was determined to maintain his silence, I then wrote9 to every listed employee at VCCP, including Alastair Smith, and Linda Nott, informing them of a serious risk to the ongoing welfare of children.

I informed VCCP that VOLC (Voice of Liberated Children) lawyers were determining VCCP's legal liability in refusing to respond to concerns regarding the immediate threat to the lives of children.

None of the VCCP employees responded to my email. Readers may guess at Paul Cohen's current affiliation with Freemason pedophile-rings. Certainly, he is prepared to bet his entire company on the legal premise that it is acceptable to withhold evidence, and information, pertaining to an ongoing-danger to the lives of children at Aldenham School.

Again, with VCCP, we find an advertising company that spends its entire time flooding us with propaganda and manipulation, but suddenly has nothing whatsoever to say when questioned about its participation in the abuse of children.

VCCP produces television adverts for clients including Cadbury; Canon; Honda; LinkedIn and O2.

While Europe remains a haven for abusers, citizens of the USA are increasingly uninviting10 towards those who participate, through silence, in the ongoing torture of our children. Florida offers the death penalty for pedophiles.

The future travel-plans of Paul Cohen, and his colleagues at VCCP, will be severely effected by their obstruction of the protection of children at Aldenham School.

A Tidal Wave of Support

Since the publication of my previous article, scores of Aldenham School survivors have come forward to corroborate my investigative report into the school.

The photograph below shows almost all of the 'teachers' who worked at Aldenham during my abuse there. One of these 'teachers' is now jailed for raping at Aldenham School; another two have incriminated themselves by publicly gloating about their pedophilia in a printed magazine article.

Freemason teachers at Aldenham School

Together with other survivors of the school, I have attempted to determine if any of these 'teachers' were not Freemasons. It has been impossible to name a single teacher that was definitively not involved. Clearly, this is because Aldenham School intentionally employs pedophiles (Freemasons) and their enablers.

Survivors of Aldenham report molestation by multiple teachers; the knowledge of torture being perpetrated in the basements under Paul's House (and numerous other locations across the grounds); and their fear in coming forward.

What Now?

For many of us, the problem has reached its inevitable conclusion. We have seen, as a society, what happens when we do not dethrone the pedophile-monarchy: It tries to kill us all.

It is no longer a question of whether to fight or not, but how to fight. Exposing Aldenham School has been my fight, and it is a fight I have waged since I was around 12-years-old, and was first driven through the gates.

As a child, I vowed to myself that I would one day dismantle Aldenham School. I hope I have kept that promise.

Another view of the Aldenham School Freemason temple.


    1. Aldenhamiana, Issue No.43 October 2015.

    2. Fortunately, I was able to calmly talk with the soldier and convince him of the futility of killing me. The strong presence of hotel staff also dissuaded the soldier from acting on behalf of The Crown to murder me.

    3. Readers may wish to compare the patterns on the outside of the Epstein Island 'temple' building with the patterns on the outside of the Aldenham School 'library'. The patterns broadly match; suggesting another codified signal to Freemason-pedophiles.

    4. The British Monarchy caused the deaths of 29 million Indians who died of starvation during the time that India was invaded by the British Monarchy. An additional one million citizens were killed during the Monarchy's farewell-partitioning of India.

      In the 1950s the British Monarchy held in concentration camps the entire civillian population of what is now Kenya. Over 1.5 million people were raped and tortured in these British camps. In the 1900s, the British Monarchy killed 10% of the Boer population in concentration camps.

      The British Monarchy also genocided over one million Irish people during the so-called "Potato Famine" by withholding aid, and forcing food-exports. The British Monarchy also ran the African slave trade.

      Furthermore, Nazi sympathiser (and British King) the Duke of Windsor asked the Nazis to bomb England. In other words: The British Monarchy collaborated with the Nazis to bring about World War II. The Royal Archives continue to hide letters exchanged between German relatives of the royal family in the run up to World War II. In this photograph you can see King Edward hanging-out with Hitler in Munich in October, 1937:

      The 'British' royal family is, of course, German; having changed its name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Back in 1917, anger over the First World War forced the British king George V to conceal the name "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" and re-brand his gang of thugs as "Windsor" in the United Kingdom. Two of the sisters of Prince Philip (the now-dead Queen's husband) married Nazi SS officers; Philip can be seen here, photographed parading with the Nazis.

      In 1933 the now-dead British Queen Elizabeth II, and the Queen Mother, were filmed with the royal family, at Balmoral, making Nazi salutes; as can be seen in the photograph below. At the same time, the Nazis were building concentration camps; burning books written by 'Jews' and 'intellectuals', and beginning the involuntary sterilization of people with physical "disabilities" or "mental illness". The Jews were said to be "rats spreading disease". In other words: A "pandemic" was the pretext for this earlier Nazi-Royal holocaust. It is their standard method of social-control.

    5. Three emails to Rob Bovington were sent on January 27th, 2024; January 31st, 2024; and February 19th, 2024. The last email was also sent to Jamie Elliot, CEO of The Gate. In all three cases, Bovington offered no response to the Aldenham School royal-pedophile scandal. Jamie Elliot was similarly mute.

    6. Sadly, Rob Bovington was once a family friend and I briefly occupied a room in an apartment where he also lived, back around 2014. I have not seen him since then. I previously knew Rob as a kind person and I remain bewildered at his descent into crime. The penalty for violation of the Nuremberg code is extremely severe. It is death by hanging.

    7. My first email to Stephanie Brimacombe at VCCP was sent on January 27th, 2024. There was no response until I suggested legal consequences. Then Brimacombe finally responded; five days after my email was first sent.

    8. Paul Cohen finally contacted me on February 1st, 2024. I replied the same day. Then Cohen fell silent for nineteen days.

    9. VOLC contacted all publicly listed employees at VCCP on February 19th, 2025. We asked why Paul Cohen was unable to respond on the topic of the Aldenham School pedophile-scandal. We made it clear that VOLC would go to press without VCCP's cooperation if there was no response. We waited for a further two days. Nobody at VCCP responded and VOLC therefore published this article on February 21st, 2024, without comment from VCCP.

    10. In May 2023, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, signed a bill allowing for the death penalty for child rapists.

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